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Right To Buy is no more in Scotland

Right To Buy  the controversial sell-off of council and housing association homes is no more in Scotland. 494,580 council and housing association homes were sold North of the border – the final applicants wishing to buy their homes had to submit their applications by midnight yesterday. The Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers have …


What Does Your Credit Score Affect?

Credit scoring affects way more than expected Since the credit crunch began, credit scoring became so much more important and necessary. Here are the major things that your credit score has an impact on. Your Mortgage The main one, to be expected if your credit score is poor, you’ll be rejected. There are no 2 …


Our Hints & Tips – 2nd Edition

Blockages and leaks can be a huge inconvenience in any home but most of them can be easily fixed. So here are a few Hints and Tips to save you stress….. What Your Plunger Can be Used for Bath or Shower – The first job is identifying the issue; if the water in your bath …


Our Hints & Tips

What To Do If If your lights or Sockets are not working…. here are a few things to check before calling us. Check other light switches in the house … are they working? Check other sockets in the house – But make sure you use an applicance that you know is working Has any other …


Moving House Checklist

Picking a moving date This will depend on the progress of your sale or purchase, but we recommend dodging peak times such as Bank Holidays, Fridays or the end of a school term where possible. 4 weeks before the move Get quotes from various removal companies and compare these with how much it would take …


Things to consider when renting a property

Nothing can ruin your rental experience more than a difficult landlord, even if you have found the property of your dreams. Here are some warning signs to look out for; Firstly if it is almost impossible to get a hold of your landlord at the beginning- if you have left mutiple voicemails/emails and no response …