Agent Transfer

Do you currently have your property managed by another agent or property manager?

Are you receiving the service you want? IF NOT, then the prospect of transferring your property and tenant to another agent doesn’t have to be daunting.

We appreciate that Landlord’s need trust and reliability, taking away the day to day challenges of looking after their property. However, we understand that a current agent or property manager may not give the personal and professional service that should be expected when looking after an asset as important as property.

Transferring a property with a tenant in situ or with it lying empty is a straightforward process and Crombie & Co are here to help do it all for you. Furthermore, your tenants may also appreciate and benefit from a change of direction, ensuring they get the service they require as well.

Once you make the decision to transfer and let your current agent know, we take care of everything from there, including:

  • Liaise fully with your current agent or property manager, collecting all documentation and keys relevant to the property and tenancy.
  • Communicate and meet your tenants directly, explaining the process and get a good start the new relationship.
  • Arrange for future rent payments to be paid directly to us, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Inspect the property and provide you with a detailed report of the current condition along with any maintenance issues to deal with.
  • Ensure the tenant’s deposit has been collected and lodged correctly with Safe Deposit Scotland.

There are no fees for the this and the management fees would be taken from future rent payments. If you are ready to make that switch, CONTACT US to find out more and how we facilitate the changeover.